Everyone has compassion; we are born with it and it calls for us to notice suffering in ourselves and others and to take action to alleviate it. We want to integrate compassion in to our city and we would like you to join us.

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Share your values, principles and visions – what would a compassionate Edinburgh look like (optional)


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Next Steps

One small step in making a compassionate difference is to read and sign the Charter for Compassion, a document that people from all across the world are signing as a way of affirming their commitment to compassion wherever they can. See www.charterforcompassion.org

Other steps you can take to bring  compassion to Edinburgh include:

Compassion for Self

  • Create time each day to be kind to yourself, nurture your own wellbeing: get enough sleep; eat nutritious food; exercise; play; be mindful, spend time with friends; enjoy those arts that touch your heart; and explore contemplative practices

Compassion for Others

  • Be good neighbours by getting to know those who live on your stair, in your building, at a store or the post office, and in your neighbourhood – respectfully communicating and cooperating on shared concerns by greeting people you meet with eye contact, a smile, a brief hello, a conversation … listening well, especially for hints of what is important and what is needed.

Compassion for Our Community and Our Environment

  • Identify ‘discomforts’ that exist in your community that matter to you. Then work with others, including those already involved, to address them.

Our Blog

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